What is a Digital Writing Workshop?
Please click here to view Troy Hicks companion wiki to
his book The Digital Writing Workshop as well as
the National Writing Projects companion to his work, Digital Is.

Troy Hicks Blog: Digital Writing, Digital Teaching

In his book, The Digital Writing
Workshop, Hicks takes what
we know of the writing workshop and
shows us how to look at our
work as writing instructors through a 21st-century lens.

Click here to experience the first 19 pages of his book.

Check out this article about Creating Your Digital Writing Workshop from the National Council of the Teachers of English.

Why Should Students View and Create Book Trailers?
The statement below is an excerpt from the wiki Reading-Active-And-Engaging's rationale behind using book trailers in teaching.

"There are many students who seem disengaged at school. It has been said that young people are not reading and won’t write anymore than they absolutely must.
Outside school, however, it is a different story. Studies have shown young people are reading and writing incessantly, updating their MySpace/Facebook pages, keeping blogs and WebPages
In other words they are reading and writing but in different modes and media to the more traditional print literacies of the 20th century. Indeed the definition of literacy is evolving all the time. Literacy can no longer just encompass print-only works. In the 21st century literacy must include digital, hypertext, images and the plethora of communication media that make up the complex systems that bound in today’s world."

There are many ways for students to create book trailers. Here are are a few planning sheets I found online:

Effective planning will make student book trailers go more smoothly.

Here are more book trailer resources:

Book Trailers for Readers
This is an amazing wiki featuring teacher made, student made and professionally made book trailers. This site believes the video to the right is the best book trailer they have ever seen:)

This wiki shows yet another planning sheet. Simple, yet effective:) Click on "planning sheet" for this authors version of a planning sheet and story board.

"Additional Resources" have amazing links!
Click here to find assessments!
Movies for Literacy
This site has several examples of student made book trailers.

Prezi: How to Make a Book Trailer

There is a Prezi Viewer App on the iPad. It only allows you to view Prezi's, not create:(

I Am From Poems

Digital Composition Institute: Place-Based Writing
Because I Am From poems essentially can be interpreted as Place-Based Writing, I wanted to share this website with you.
The "resources" link is outstanding.

George Ella Lyon
This is where I found the awesome student sample I showed you. Can you believe she's eight years old?

Freeology Where I'm From Template
If you'd prefer more of a specific template, this is for you. The template gives excellent prompts for "where I'm from" poems.
Here is another template from Scholastic:
Place Based Poetry
Article from the National Writing Project

Educational Uses for Digital Story Telling
From the University of Houston, samples can easily be viewed on iPad.

Digital Story Telling
What is Digital Story Telling?


How to Use Digital Story Telling in Your Classroom

7 Things You Should Know About Digital Story Telling

Silvia Tolisano

EdWeek was amazing with Silvia.
She brought an amazing amount of
practical application to the classroom.
She will be back again this year along
with Troy Hicks.

Digital Storytelling in Plain English

Refer back to samples we downloaded from
iTunes U via our Edmodo Classroom.

Digital Writing Prompts

Using Images as a Writing Prompt

Sample: High School Writing Day Workshop Session