images.jpgEdison Critical Friends Group

The Edison CFG is voluntary and will meet after school. We can inquire with administration if participation fulfills SJSD teacher evaluation requirements.
The group will involve a series of sessions to nurture meaningful learning through an action plan established by its’ members from January 16, 2015:
Members: Ashley C, Ashley Y, Erin, Cora, Meghan, Kim D, Morgan, Ashton, Dori, Dawn, Tessa, Rachel, Misty
Best Practices I Know…
Best Practices I Want to Learn…
  • BYOC and Curriculum Resources
  • Making Thinking Visible
  • Pathways
  • Kagan
  • DMI
  • Data Notebooks
  • Conferencing
  • Hallway Displays
  • Vocabulary
  • Data (Students)
  • Vertical Teaming
Resources to guide our thinking and learning: Learning By Doing and Whole Faculty Study Groups
We’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, express ideas we are already thinking and share any reservations, adding to the bullet points above. Our collaborative work will be documented on this Wiki so that we have a place to refer back to when resources and idea are shared.

Friendly Reminder:
All work and gathered resources are in a PINK binder housed in the teaming room.