Edison Friends! Our time together is so short.
Here is a platform for continuing the conversation started at our February 21 PD:)

Remember, we began our time together writing to a KWL chart. Below please find the "Want To Know" part. The reflect
ive tool Circle, Square, Triangle shown further down the page, we are using as the "Learned" part of our KWL chart.

What we wanted to know:

Questions and Feedback
Additional Resources
  • How can we use the iPad to enhance student writing? What apps are useful?

OK..I feel like we began answering this question although there are many possiblities and answers to your question:) I found this Sesame Street video "There's an App for That.." I've been looking for a way to share it and thought it was fitting. Perhaps this could be a digital writing prompt sometime!

  • How do I get my students with limited writing skills and confidence excited about writing?

My favorite form of engagement at this time is the video writing prompt. My favorite to date is shown.

  • What kinds of writing besides poetry can you do on the iPad? How do you grade this stuff without a hard copy? (I just want kids to write on a plain paper)

What I've realized is ANY kind of writing can be done on the iPad. To grade student work, I have them post their assignments to our classroom blog or on Edmodo. Students also email me their work and I have had them print their work when a hard copy is needed. On bigger projects, students come to me to be assessed as they finish or I assess them during conferencing.
Below is a link to a playlist of Digital Storytelling samples.

Service Learning and Study Abroad

Also, on the iPad check out iTunes U. If you select universities that have national writing project programs you will likely find samples. (I think the University of Maine is one of them)

  • How can students submit writing assignments without over loading my email?

I say have them upload to Edmodo:) Then you can check assignments all at once. Edmodo allows you to easily monitor who has turned in assignments.
Also.. a great blogging site that is super easy for beginning blogging teachers is KidBlog. Extremely user friendly and works on iPads!

  • Are there different ways to use the iPads for writing other than taking notes?

Any writing you assign students to do can be done on an iPad such as research projects, creative writing and journaling, as well as digital story telling.

  • How do I use the iPad to (teach) the curriculum? Math too?

I am still learning and I'm sure I will continue to answer this for myself for many years. One way is by posting to your classroom blog or Edmodo classroom. You can post websites or videos that support curricular content. Many apps are created for specific subjects, especially math. One app I have currently used to help students with math homework is Explain Everything. This app allows you to create a tutorial of a concept. The app allows you to deliver the video to students in a variety of ways. The easiest for me is to upload it to YouTube. Below are 2 video tutorials I created for my students as samples if that helps:)

  • How do I do more educational things on the iPad with kids?

In your daily planning, you will begin to wonder "how can I integrate technology or iPad device into my daily instruction?" There are many tutorials added everyday to the Internet. One fast way to learn integration of iPads in a meaningful way is to research blogs, websites and online communities dedidcated to this very question. My favorite? Silvia Tolisano's Langwitches. Filled to the brim!!

  • I want to know about Edmodo as much as I do about facebook!

Check this out: 15 more Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo!

End of session reflection and feedback is below.

This Squares With My Beliefs...
3 Points to Remember...
A Question Circling My Mind
I love teaching using different ways to keep students interested. These will be perfect.
  • Digital Story Telling
  • I am from _to _
  • Book Report Alternative
A question in my mind is how I can use this technology with my very low functioning kids.
Technology and videos can enhance the learning.
  • iMovie
  • Book Trailers
  • iTunes U
I have a hard time remembering the steps to everything.
Use technology for what you are already doing.
  • iMovie
  • Digital Prompts
  • Edmodo points for kids
How do I make Edmodo work with my students?
It squares with my beliefs that there are many affective ways to use technology in the classroom.
  • move slow with kids
  • model
How do you grade this when it's not a hard copy??
I believe I can do technology in my room.
  • iTunes U
  • iMovie
  • Edmodo
How do I help students work to full potential? Not just play?How can kids who aren't techno savvy use this?
Using the iPads in reading and writing is awesome.
  • The kids use digital devices and it comes naturally
  • Writing digitally doesn't take anything away from skills

Kids are excited about our iPads. They love using them. This is a productive way to use it.
  • This is not only fun but educational
  • I learned to use iMovie instead of book reports
  • I learned about iTunes U

  • Let the kids explore
  • (When they) make mistakes they learn
  • Don't be afraid to try