Writing into the Day: The Fun Theory 10 min

Grit 6 min-1-3 word reflections..what keeps you motivated? Do you have grit?

Using Objective vs. Nonobjective Art as a Writing Prompt 30 min

imagine if we would have done this with an objective piece of art work..would there be a different outcome?

Time of Day Writing --20 min

Small moments 5- 10 min

writing out of the day--

12 year old App Developer 5 min

Writing out of the day...is creativity changing? How are artists changing?-5 min

How will you adhere to a growth mindset? How will you show grit?

PLWP High School Writing Day 2015 and 2016

This year at High School Writing Day, I had students first view a video from the TEDyouth site. I had students first answer the question "What can I share with the world?" Students responded using Today's Meet.

We then looked at still from the popular music video "Someone That I Used to Know" by Gotye. I used the same format I used last year with Joan Mitchell's Ici. (The steps are attached below under PLWP High School Writing Project 2011). The video still is below:


This year I wanted to extend student interaction through both music and visuals.
After viewing the video still above, we viewed two additional videos. The first video was a slide show of the lyrics to the Gotye song and the 2nd video was the Gotye Music video.

After viewing the videos, we had a short discussion and I directed them back to Today's Meet to respond.

Next we took a look at the amazing digital artist and musician, Fredo Viola and his website The Turn. After entering his website, we "grabbed" the brown hexagon, watched and listened to his amazing voice.

After listening, we responded again through Today's Meet.

With the TEDyouth question still in mind, we visited the Blog and Youtube channel of Olan Rogers. He is a humorous guy "putting himself out there" through digital stories and posting them to youtube. We looked at "Dorky Sweaters", posted below. After laughing, we acknowledged the humorous writer in him. While his stories are funny, we identified that it is a type of writing just like song lyrics we viewed are a type of writing. This is what he and the other artists we looked at are sharing with the world. These artists are using technology to share their gifts. The question for the workshop attendees became what are they, as high school students, sharing with the world? This is how we wrote out of the session.

PLWP High School Writing Day 2011

Writing About Existing Artwork: Today is Non-objective
Extended Looking Activity using Joan Mitchell's Ici. This was an extended looking and creative response activity I participated in through a workshop by the St. Louis Art Museum given by Mike Murawski at the Missouri Art Education Association. Please find the steps we took together attached. external image msword.png Saint Louis Art Museum.doc

The Fun Theory

Using Images as Writing Prompts