MWPN Digital Conference: Creating Digital Writing in a 1:1 Classroom
September 21, 2012

In Creating Digital Writing in a 1:1 Classroom, Misty Burright will share with teachers an overview of how to integrate technology using Book Trailers, Digital Story Telling and how to use Digital Photos and Images as Writing Prompts. The session will include student samples and online resources for technology integration to access after the conference.

  • Brief over view of today's session.
  • Backchannel: Join Today's Meet. We need a volunteer to monitor pressing questions that come up through the back channel. Questions not answered during the session in person, will be documented and added to this wiki. Resources will be posted to help answer those questions not addressed during our 45 minute session.
  • Digital Writing Workshop: Book Trailers


  • Digital Story Telling: I Am From, Our Three Words, Personal Narratives

Digital Story Telling: The Maine Writing Project

Digital Storytelling Resource Wiki


  • Videos and Photos as Writing Prompts
  • Please turn in feedback forms so thoughts can be posted below:) Thank You!!

Feed back will be posted below from today's session so that participants may follow-up after the conference.

Three Points to Remember
This Squares with My Beliefs
A Question Circling My Mind


10 ways to create videos without downloading

Misty Burright is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and St. Joseph School District Teacher of the Year nominee who has taught in the elementary classroom and the visual art room. Being a Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Misty has conducted professional development sessions regarding visual art, writing and technology integration and is an adjunct professor for Northwest Missouri State University's Teacher Leadership Program. Misty has taught in a 1:1 iPad classroom, holds a BA in Art History, a Masters in Education and most recently received a Graduate Certificate in Writing from MWSU.