PLWP MWSU Writing Camp!

Wednesday May 29, 2013: Writing Small (From Writing Fix)

Step by Step Teaching Instructions:

  • Read The Summer My Father Was Ten, by Pat Brisson. Discuss the father’s actions and the consequences that followed.
  • In small groups, have students make and share text-to-self connections times of when they were caught up in the moment and acted impulsively.
  • Use chapter three of A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You to illustrate what “writing small” means. Find places in Brisson's text where the author has written small and discuss them with students.
  • Students should choose one time from their memories when they got caught up in the moment and acted impulsively. Introduce this narrative prompt:
Prompt: All of us have had times when we’ve done something that we later regretted. Write about a time when you got caught up in a moment, and did something without thinking about the consequences. Write small and show, don’t tell as you descirbe how you were feeling throughout the action. In what way(s) did you learn from the experience?
  • Have students create a "Caught Up In The Moment page in their writer's notebooks.
  • Click on the link above and scroll down to see student samples.

Monday June 3, 2013: Seed Ideas (From Writing Fix)

Breakout Sessions:

May 28-May 31

**__Write About Existing Artwork: Today is Non-objective__**
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