Professional Learning Networks (PLN)
PLN's (or sometimes called Personal Learning Environments, or Personal Portals) are networks of giving and receiving information. They are not new. We have long relied onthe-networked-teacher1.gif our families, friends and colleagues to supplement our knowledge about the world. Our professional learning also comes from reference books, textbooks, newspapers, television and radio. And we have been connecting with people and information through the digital realm for decades.

(~David Warlick article "Grow Your Personal Learning Network" from Learning and Leading with Technology)

As times have changed, professional learning networks have changed.

**Below please find a link to a WordPress blog explaining this teacher's take on today's Professional Learning Networks.

PLN: Your Personal Learning Network Made Easy

If interested, here are 2 online sources to help you manage your online learning networks. Both sites essentially perform the same task, but visually one may be more your style than the other.

  1. Pearltrees

2. Symbaloo

When you are ready, you can take this idea a step further.
See how this 7th grade student uses Symbaloo to organize her school work.