ani_thinkingcap.gifThinking Strategies
Resources from Lindbergh Boot Camp can be found here!

Thinking Stems are essentially what we know as Comprehension Strategies. (Insert Jerri's Resource here). There are several websites that offer resources for teachers. Here are my favorites: Reading Lady , Read Write Think. Are there more? Let's add them!

Of course Robert Marzano has resources for us as well.

Here are the graphics shared that show specific thinking stems students use to further their understanding of a text while reading.

You may also like these strategy bookmarks.

Several Vocabulary Strategies can be found in your handout. They are in this format because they were made into note cards. I will make you each a set at a later date:) If you notice the list to the left, there is a page devoted to vocabulary strategies. There you can find additional resources, websites and videos. Photos from the power point can be found there as well.

Other Strategies we have studied at Lindbergh include the work of Kelly Gallagher, Janet Allen and
Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan of Q-Tasks. I have personally used these strategies as well as Artful Thinking and Visible Thinking in my classroom. By exploring these sites, you will find many strategies, resources, photos and videos.

Making Thinking Visible in the classroom
  • provides students with vivid models of what the processes of good thinking look like.
  • It holds them accountable for their thinking and shows them how their participation matters.
  • It provides us with documentation of their thinking.

Here are a couple self-checklists to help you with this.

(Feedback from Insights and Puzzles will be inserted here)

If you need another thinking matrix one can be found here