Welcome to "I've Got my 21st Century Toolbelt, Now What?"

In this workshop, we will concentrate on two aspects of 21st Century skills: (1) using practical Web 2.0 tools in the classroom and (2) learning to organize and maintain your online tool belt. During the first part of the workshop I will share practical tools I have used with my students that encourage engagement in both reading and writing online.

Next, I will share easy ways to organize your online tool belt through professional learning networks so that you can bookmark your websites, find what you need quickly, and continue to learn more from your online network community. All content from this workshop will be archived on this wiki so you can enjoy the time with colleagues, rather than worry about missing website addresses, YouTube titles, etc. Get laptops out, tools to share, and zest for learning!


  • Find Critical Friends in Technology wiki
  • Join Today's Meet by clicking HEREtodaysmeet.gif
  • This will be our backchannel. A backchannel is an online conversation going on while the speaker is speaking. This is a place for audience members to ask questions, share resources and make comments. Today's Meet allows you to save the "conversation" as a link to add to your wiki or blog. I have saved the link below from our session together.

Please find information about Today's Meet here and click HERE TO VIEW OUR TRANSCRIPT.


  • Let's "Write into the Day" using our back channel.
  • When prompted, please provide feedback, comments, questions or anything you are thinking while the music and video finishes playing. Be sure to make these comments in Today's Meet. What someone else writes may prompt more thinking for you. Your comments are public because we can all learn from each other's thinking. If you want to respond to a specific person's comment write "@their name".
  • I will provide you with a digital writing prompt. You do not need to access it now, but here is the link in case you want to revisit it later: The Turn-Fredo Viola



Please click HERE to find my Pearltrees link!
My user name is mburright.
Find me and let's share resources!

  • Let's join our online classroom, Edmodo. When you get to Edmodo, select "I'm a student", create an account using this GROUP CODE: 80ccjt
  • Once you are in, you should see this:

Screen_shot_2012-03-02_at_10.01.37_AM.jpgEdmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices.

Today you are the student. Your first assignment is posted. I gave this assignment to my students yesterday while they were with a substitute so you will see some of their responses.


  • Digital Story Telling

Please visit the page Digital Writing Workshop within this wiki. You'll first see some resources to help you build your digital writing workshop. Scroll further to find resources for creating book trailers, poems and other ways to digitize student writing. The last section of this page are 9 of my favorite digital writing prompts.

Interested is more visual prompts? Please visit Using Images as a Writing Prompt wiki. This is information from a workshop I gave at last year's Write-to-Learn conference.

Let's "write out of the day" with Famous Failures shown below.

  • Circle, Square Triangle, Feedback ~ This information will be posted to the wiki so we can continue the conversation started today.
  • Questions???

Need to contact me after the conference? Please email me at misty.burright@sjsd.k12.mo.us or you can contact the St. Joseph School District.

Thank you for participating!!!!