This Squares with My Beliefs
Three Points to Remember
A Question Still Circling my Mind
Learning needs to be authentic and meaningful.
1. Go to my new links
2. Anything can be digitally written
3. Experiment and play; add to my bookmarks
Do I have the energy to get digital??
I have to do them first, then do it with kids.
I can put it all in one place!

Keep up the good work! I would love to see
where these kids are at the 11th grade!
So many! Many doable from PD to mac
So many similar sites. Is this like My Big Campus?
All of it!!!
1. Use resources; refresh them often
2. Writing is enhanced with digital
3. Keep fighting for access.
When can we have the tools and how do we get teachers to train
to center around meaningful learning?
I love technology and would like to do things with
my students that they haven't seen before. Great
technology info!
1. wordle
2. wikispaces
3. edmodo
How can I get more technology in my school? This stuff is awesome!
I have got to bring more technology opportunities to my students daily.

Thanks! Best this conference!
Too many! Mind Swirling! It is all there, find it and go to her site! Technology is wonderful and exciting!
How can I get my district on board to see the educational benefits?
This meshes with the necessity I see for my students.
There are a lot of things that meet my needs for engagement.
1. Great sites as options
2. It's important for teachers to share their knowledge-having links is so helpful
3. (speak was) well organizied
4. (speaker had) good examples
How do I maintain engagement when my technology fails?